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Ancient Cats Portfolio

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riverwolf10413 @ 11:56 am: Updated List
Lyenuv-Florida Panther
Magena- Cougar, white tiger, amur leopard
DeathWeasel- N/A
Grygon- Liger
Kamaria- Ocelot
The Feline Canine- Tiger
RedFeather Husky- Serval, Lynx
Celtic Wolf- Caracal
Aoi Usagi- Japanese Bobtail
Balaa- Lion
Mirroreyes Serval- N/A
RiverWolf (me, muahahaha) - Black jaguar, sabre-tooth
Sesskirara- Leopard

If you haven't yet told me what you want, I'll be either PMing you on DA or emailing you. I need to know!!


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Date:January 23rd, 2006 07:34 am (UTC)
and remind me again: cat + an old civilization right?

liger might be difficult... need to go think on that one, do some research...
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