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Ancient Cats Portfolio

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sesskirara @ 01:22 pm: So... lets choose the cat you want to draw for the portfolio :D.
Comment and i will add it to the list (if the cat isn't already chosen)
You can choose more than one animal, but no more than three.

Lyenuv-Florida Panther
Magena- N/A
DeathWeasel- N/A
Grygon- N/A
Kamaria- N/A
The Feline Canine- N/A
RedFeather Husky- N/A
Celtic Wolf- Ocelet
Aoi Usagi- N/A
Balaa- Lion
Mirroreyes Serval- N/A
RiverWolf - Black jaguar.
Sesskirara- Leopard

Oh, and the Portfolio deadline is April 15th.

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Date:December 29th, 2005 04:35 pm (UTC)
D'aw, Balaa ran off with the lion. Oh well.

Can I grab the cheetah, then? :D (Assuming you'll vertify my membership and let me in ;P)
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