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May 6th, 2006

celty @ 10:42 pm: Just curious here, but has this community died..? The deadline has been and gone. I wasn't able to meet it because I was still computerless in Canada, but am now in the position to finish the piece I started in January... I see no point in continuing with it though if this portfolio isn't going anywhere.

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February 19th, 2006

riverwolf10413 @ 09:56 pm: Changing Mine..

I had the black panther and saber-tooth, but I'm going to make the panther available again. I keep trying, but it doesn't want to come out of my pencil :P. I think the saber tooth will come much easier to me.

Reply if you want the panther. Otherwise, ignore this post.

January 28th, 2006

riverwolf10413 @ 05:41 pm: Shoulda Thought o' This Earlier
 I was thinking, I really need someone who can put all the prints together and bind the portfolio and all that. My printer is really.... and I don't know of any shop in my area who can do that. Comment if you think you can do this. Thanks!!

January 3rd, 2006

celty @ 10:18 pm: Have a WIP
ClickieCollapse ).

Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

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riverwolf10413 @ 11:56 am: Updated List
Lyenuv-Florida Panther
Magena- Cougar, white tiger, amur leopard
DeathWeasel- N/A
Grygon- Liger
Kamaria- Ocelot
The Feline Canine- Tiger
RedFeather Husky- Serval, Lynx
Celtic Wolf- Caracal
Aoi Usagi- Japanese Bobtail
Balaa- Lion
Mirroreyes Serval- N/A
RiverWolf (me, muahahaha) - Black jaguar, sabre-tooth
Sesskirara- Leopard

If you haven't yet told me what you want, I'll be either PMing you on DA or emailing you. I need to know!!

December 28th, 2005

sesskirara @ 01:22 pm: So... lets choose the cat you want to draw for the portfolio :D.
Comment and i will add it to the list (if the cat isn't already chosen)
You can choose more than one animal, but no more than three.

Lyenuv-Florida Panther
Magena- N/A
DeathWeasel- N/A
Grygon- N/A
Kamaria- N/A
The Feline Canine- N/A
RedFeather Husky- N/A
Celtic Wolf- Ocelet
Aoi Usagi- N/A
Balaa- Lion
Mirroreyes Serval- N/A
RiverWolf - Black jaguar.
Sesskirara- Leopard

Oh, and the Portfolio deadline is April 15th.

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December 22nd, 2005

riverwolf10413 @ 04:08 pm: Info and Stuffs

OK, Ancient Cats is the name. We know that. Here's all the artists who are in it (so far, more coming)
Celtic Wolf
Aoi Usagi
The Feline Canine
Mirroreyes Serval (EEP!!!)

Once we're sure we have everyone we need in, we'll start figuring out who's doing what, so we don't a ton of the same thing in here. Once somebody claims something, it's gone. However, I would like, with some of the big cats, mainly lion, tiger, puma, etc, that there be an anthro and a non-anthro in it. So if someone already has an animal you wanted, you might be able to do it in another form. Since there's only 13 people in here, you may choose to do more than one animal, but no more than three.

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